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IC Media Direct, a full-service PR and marketing agency with offices in Washington, D.C. and New York City, has announced the publication of their second book, “Google Clean Up.” Offering in-depth information and explanations on how a brand’s online reputation affects its overall image, the book provides efficient solutions that appeal to a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large corporations.

In today’s modern era of information technology, understanding how Google works and implementing adequate strategies with respect to its ranking factors is critical to achieving company’s success. Google’s increasingly complex ranking algorithm makes it difficult for many brands to get on the first page of search results, especially when specific, non-Google-friendly techniques are utilized. “With a market share of 70.8 percent, more and more users are turning to Google when searching for information or relevant products and services,” an IC Media Direct advisor explains. “And consequently, the information they find directly impacts their decision-making.

Established as the leader in Google brand repair, IC Media Direct’s latest book, “Google Clean Up,” provides essential information on Google’s search engine, how it works, and how a brand’s online reputation is reflected within this context. The book outlines ICMD’s strategy to help companies reach the first page of search results by controlling these results and what is displayed to users. “Being two years older than Google, we were able to develop a strategy focused on providing 100% control of search results for an elite individual or a high-end brand,” states the company’s CEO in an announcement of the book launch.

IC MediaDirect’s comprehensive understanding of Google’s ranking algorithm and strategic partnerships have allowed for the creation of “Google Clean Up”. The efficiency of their strategy comes thanks to the multi-faceted content marketing approach, which entails writing valuable, newsworthy articles that are published to authoritative publications. This relevant and engaging content is then given a boost in search engine results. By displaying relevant information on respectable sources, a brand garners authority and credibility, improving its online reputation as well as increasing sales and revenue potential. The company’s “Google Clean Up” is currently available at the price of $97. The book can be ordered through the company’s website at

Founded in 1996, IC Media Direct is a pioneering PR and marketing agency reputable for its leading brand repair solutions. The company predates Google and boasts a thorough understanding of the ample effect online presence and search results have on brands’ reputations. Providing efficient solutions for brand visibility and online reputation repair, the award-winning content marketing agency works with clients including Fortune 500 Top CEOs, Olympic Gold Medalists, and notable celebrities. Reviews – New Online Reputation Strategy at ASW in Las Vegas Reviews – New Online Reputation Strategy at ASW in Las Vegas Reviews - New Online Reputation Strategy at ASW in Las Vegas Reviews – New Online Reputation Strategy at ASW in Las Vegas

NEW YORK, NY – IC Media Direct, a leader in online PR and digital marketing, recently shared the secrets of their online reputation strategy at the Affiliate Summit West (ASW) 2015 in Las Vegas. Since 2003, the ASW has provided educational materials and cutting-edge industry resources for affiliate marketers. IC Media Direct was added to the line up of affiliate merchants, vendors, networks, and tracks of educational sessions to bring attendees the chance to network and learn from their team of reputation strategy experts.

The online reputation strategy outline falls under IC MediaDirect’s Public Relations’ umbrella, and has launched the company into the spotlight as one of the best online branding strategies available to businesses across the globe. shared information about recent changes to Google’s algorithms such as Panda and Hummingbird, and how the changes have altered results that are delivered to Internet searchers. They presented alternatives on how to submit information to low-quality directory sites, and outlined a clear strategy to help move reputation campaigns in the right direction. ICMD is no stranger to major conferences and summits; the company boasts sponsorships alongside industry brands such as Yahoo, MSN, AdAge, Google, and Forbes. At ASW 2015 in Las Vegas, attendees received exclusive insights on the strategy behind online reputation management from the IC Media Direct team.

The 3-day conference was set up to maximize networking among advertisers, affiliates, and attendees. A Meet Market area was set up with tables and booths to give everyone a chance to mingle, and several events helped visitors get the most out of the carefully planned schedule. A First Timers Orientation was available for newcomers, and an Affiliate Program Showcase gave attendees the opportunity to discover the programs available. A series of classes were held for special access pass holders throughout the day. At the end of first day, Roundtable sessions brought everyone together to network and plan out their remaining time at the event. IC MediaDirect networked with fellow specialists to share their insights on reputation strategies.

IC MediaDirect delivers unparalleled PR and content marketing services in today’s technology-driven society. They offer first-class reputation and brand management strategies to clients ranging from elite individuals to high-end brands. Founded in 1996, ICMD pre-dates Google, and has kept up with industry trends and changes to provide the latest strategies and methods for managing a brand name or individual reputation within search engine results. In addition to attending the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, IC MediaDirect also participates major marketing events such as Leadscon, Fashion Week New York, Leadership Forum New York, and more. Reviews – Ad:tech 2015 San Francisco Conference Reviews – Ad:tech 2015 San Francisco Conference Reviews - Ad:tech 2015 San Francisco Conference Reviews – Ad:tech 2015 San Francisco Conference

NEW YORK, NY –, a full-service public relations, marketing, and brand management firm, was delighted to attend the Ad:tech 2015 conference in San Francisco. This year’s conference and expo drew in an impressive number of industry professionals with the collective goal of moving the marketing and advertising industries forward. An ongoing sponsor for this event, IC Media Direct is proud to endorse Ad:tech and all the innovative and progressive thought, discussion, and networking the conference creates.

Ad:tech is an annual exhibition and conference designed to highlight the latest technological advances, breakthroughs and developments within the advertising and marketing fields. Bringing together media and advertising communities from across the world, the conference offers a unique opportunity for countless marketing and technology professionals to come together and advance the state of the industry. Comprised of lectures and presentations, collective networking opportunities, an expo and other events, the conference provides a wealth of opportunities to combine the brightest minds of their respective fields and incubate new ideas for the future. IC Media Direct always looks forward to collaborating with other companies to identify industry trends and develop new strategies for the future.

Participants, attendees, and sponsors like enjoyed a variety of presentations throughout the Ad:tech 2015 event. Lectures included a wide breadth of topics designed to better understand and improve marketing success – and the related technology that drives the industry forward. A notable highlight was keynote speaker Rohit Bhargava’s presentation “Reluctant Marketers, Glanceable Content, and Other Future Trends.” Bhargava, bestselling author of the book Non-Obvious, discussed the potential market viability of imperfection within product development as well as a variety of other “non-obvious” strategies to gain market share and improve a business’s success potential. Additional presentations included ”The Updated Rules in Affiliate Marketing,” “The Rise of New Audience Platforms,” and “Beyond Millennials: Generation Z and Where They Are Taking Marketing”.

Inspiration and education are among the top objectives at virtually every Ad:tech event. The San Francisco expo allowed companies to showcase their latest products, services, and developments aimed at reshaping the business world. Ideas, strategies, and business forecasts connected events and participants between sessions. Lectures, presentations, and discussions showcased the current state of technology – and helped to develop the next step in the evolution of advertising media and service. All attendees of the event, including, enjoyed multiple benefits such as a reinvigorated set of skills, techniques, and tools to better compete in the rapidly advancing business world.


Since its founding in 1996, IC Media Direct has provided client-focused PR and marketing campaigns with measurable success. The award-winning firm works with clients to identify, develop, and execute brand development and repair strategies. The company’s clientele includes multiple Fortune 500 executives, Olympic athletes, politicians and other celebrities. By connecting clients with streamlined brand management, the company works to showcase accomplishments and boost a brand’s visibility and public perception. With offices in both New York City and Washington, D.C. and campaigns across 49 countries and languages, ICMediaDirect continues to deliver premier brand repair and marketing services to clients throughout the world.

IC Media Direct – Shares Google Brand Repair Tips At SES New York

IC Media Direct - Shares Google Brand Repair Tips At SES New York

IC Media Direct – Shares Google Brand Repair Tips At SES New York

NEW YORK, NY – IC Media Direct experts were key participants in well-attended “Learn With Google” workshops at a recent SES conference in New York. Representing the online PR and marketing industry, the ICMD team appeared alongside peers from major companies including Google, Yahoo, ABC News and Bloomberg, demonstrating some of the techniques they have evolved to repair and enhance the online reputations of their high-profile clients.

The SES conferences provide a public forum where individuals and companies from the rapidly evolving fields of online search and social marketing can trade insights and pool knowledge. The events were instigated by Search Engine Watch in 1999, and take place at venues around the world. The New York conference, which took place over three days between March and April, drew together a diverse group of IT specialists and businesspeople from the city’s vibrant high-tech community and world-class business centers, along with others from much further afield. As acknowledged global leaders in content marketing, IC Media Direct and its specialists were keen to engage in discussions about the groundbreaking techniques the company has devised to help brands and individuals enhance their online presence by addressing the challenge of changing search algorithms and constantly evolving SEO optimization techniques.

IC Media Direct’s proven reputation management strategy, which involves facilitating active collaboration between the search engine giant and information providers like MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Yahoo News, was of particular interest to delegates. ICMD experts have consistently achieved 100% success rates in getting positive coverage onto the first page of Google results, with undesirable content progressively “downranked” and pushed off the page.

IC Media Direct was founded 19 years ago, making it much older than many of the search engine companies with which it now works. It pioneered the discipline of reputation management, developing effective strategies in order to help clients gain control over their online presence. Today, the company maintains offices in New York City and Washington, DC, serving a global customer base drawn from 49 different countries and numbering Fortune 500 CEOs, politicians, bankers, world-class athletes, and leading motivational speakers among its satisfied clientele.

For two years in a row, ICMD has won the New York Excellence Award from the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC). Last year’s SBIEC panel stated that the organization “has consistently demonstrated a high regard for upholding business ethics and company values.” (source: Recognition of this kind marks ICMD’s achievements as an established leader of its industry who is setting a benchmark for others to follow.

IC Media Direct – Presents Latest Google Brand Repair Solution:

IC Media Direct – Conent Marketing Strategy Boosts Your Google Reputation:

IC MediaDirect – Announces Attendance At LeadsCon New York

IC MediaDirect - Announces Attendance At LeadsCon New York

IC MediaDirect – Announces Attendance At LeadsCon New York

NEW YORK, NY – IC MediaDirect is announcing their attendance at LeadsCon New York, August 25-26, 2015, at the New York Hilton. LeadsCon New York is the place to be for all things digital marketing, including online lead generation, vertical media and direct response marketing, with thousands of attendees every year (source: A longtime sponsor of the annual conference, ICMD will once again use the opportunity to network with peers and potential customers and introduce its latest innovations in the field of online reputation managing.

Today, in a technology and media-centered world, an online presence can affect the success or failure of any person or business. IC MediaDirect’s tailor-made strategies aim at giving customers full control over their search engine rankings, allowing them to positively impact their online reputation. The professional marketing team has established itself as a leader in online public relations and content marketing and has become a benchmark against which other newly emerging companies in the field are measured.

IC MediaDirect attends numerous conferences throughout the year, from Shanghai and Sydney to San Francisco and New York. (Source: The digital marketing company has built itself up from its inception almost two decades ago, to its award-winning status today. Attendance at LeadsCon New York in 2015 shows that IC Media has a desire to be held accountable in their marketing, and to grow in their understanding of vertical media and marketing.

LeadsCon New York brings together 1700 visitors with one shared interest: online marketing. Attendees include businesses and professionals from around the country, and the conference provides an environment conducive to networking, as well as over 100 speakers, more than 30 sessions, and two keynote presentations. LeadsCon is the place to be for any person or business who cares to understand the changing market of online marketing and lead generation, and to improve their online presence.

Since 1996, IC MediaDirect has grown from a small marketing firm to an award-winning PR and marketing firm spanning 49 countries and 49 languages (source: Their team of PR experts consults with clients and works to put their best face forward by building reputations based on strategically distributed, high-quality content. Professional writers create newsworthy press releases, based on the individual wishes and requirements of each and every client. Releases are then published on major news sites, including Bloomberg, Reuters, Yahoo, and The Wall Street Journal, quickly pushing undesired Google search results down and giving the clients’ reputation a boost and opportunity to present themselves in the best light.

IC MediaDirect – Leads the Market in Google Brand Repair: