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As the global leader in reputation management and public relations, ICMediaDirect is innovating the way brands, businesses, and individuals improve their online reputations. The award-winning agency is a trailblazer in search engine optimization (SEO), transforming online client results by seeding positive and pre-approved content through top-tier world news publications. This approach has helped distinguish IC Media Direct as a pioneer in leveraging editorial and social engagement for influential search engine return.

ICMediaDirect - Reputation Management - IC Media Direct Helps Companies and Individuals Improve Their Online Reputation

ICMediaDirect – Reputation Management – IC Media Direct Helps Companies and Individuals Improve Their Online Reputation

A dynamic, rapidly evolving landscape, SEO plays a key role in the establishment, development, and expansion of business. As notes, “SEO has grown so important that it’s value extends beyond the search engine and even to businesses without a website,” making ICMediaDirect’s service an invaluable part of doing business. Utilizing the full scope of social media accounts is one of the many targeted, organic approaches ICMediaDirect uses to push irrelevant listings down and bring key messaging to the top of search result listings. The agency’s team of marketing and PR experts understand that “brands can produce a captivating online presence by creating relevant, interesting, and shareable content,” which is what they do everyday for theiresteemed clients.

IC Media Direct is a native within today’s electronic ecosystem and acts as a creative content marketer in addition to a technical conduit. As participants in this year’s inaugural Content Rising Summit, hosted by Skyword in Boston, ICMediaDirect underscored its commitment to the art and science of brand storytelling by revealing a new method for conveying powerful concepts through creative marketing. As a company spokesperson says, “Our clients have been able to reach a broader base with an uplifting message, simply through the quality of the content they project.” This content-focused, user-driven strategy is one with the reader in mind, a solution that invites the viewer into a community rather than asking them to simply click over. With the American Marketing Association declaring “focus on user experience” as one of the six SEO rules for 2016, it stands to reason that ICMediaDirect is, once again, ahead of the curve.


About IC Media Direct

Since 1996, ICMediaDirect has been a prominent, peer-respected figure in the public relations industry. With offices in New York City and Washington DC, ICMediaDirect intervenes in the face of the unexpected for clients in 49 countries, establishing credibility, building trust, and creating positive online presences. The firm is the two-year consecutive winner of the New York Excellence Award from the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC) and recently released a well-received book on Google brand repair. ICMediaDirect is a regular sponsor and highly valued participant of industry conferences, including Affiliate Summit, Leadscon, and ad:tech. To see your Online Reputation Report, visit


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