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ICMediaDirect Presents Online Brand Repair Solutions at LeadsCon New York 2016

ICMediaDirect Presents Online Brand Repair Solutions at LeadsCon New York 2016

LeadsCon has established itself as the premier conference in the ever-growing vertical media and direct response marketing industry. With its anticipated events and webcasts, it showcases the best talent in these fields and keeps attendees and listeners abreast of the latest trends. The next LeadsCon event will be held at the New York Hilton on August 22-24, 2016, where industry leader, IC Media Direct, will present its groundbreaking online brand repair solution. See your Online Reputation Report now, by visiting

IC Media Direct has long been a participant of the LeadsCon New York, as well as LeadsCon Las Vegas. In line with the conferences’ desire to ask industry leaders to present their unique talents, the marketing agency was available to discuss their unique ability to repair reputations of individuals and companies that have had the unfortunate experience of a negative representation of them online. While many other considerations come into vertical media and direct marketing, reputation and public perception is at the very basis of successfully marketing any entity. By describing the realities of how quickly an online reputation can be tarnished and the basics of what it takes to successfully reverse such a situation, the agency’s presentation is expected to be of great use for the event’s attendees.

IC Media Direct will be joined by a plethora of businesses from every segment of the vertical media universe, including marketing service companies, technology solution providers, ad agencies, and venture companies searching for profitable investments. Speeches, discussions, and learning forums, will offer valuable insights into the most effective strategies and latest trends. Speakers and moderators from major companies will share their knowledge, while targeted sessions focusing on lead generation and high-quality marketing strategies will result in the type of specific guidance to help bridge the gap between advertisers and consumers.

IC Media Direct - Reputation Management - ICMediaDirect Presents Online Brand Repair Solutions at LeadsCon New York 2016

IC Media Direct – Reputation Management – ICMediaDirect Presents Online Brand Repair Solutions at LeadsCon New York 2016

Full service public relations and reputation management agency, IC Media Direct has been providing their groundbreaking expertese for nearly 20 years. One of the first marketing firms to truly understand the potential of the Internet in its early stages, they also noted the extent positive or negative internet reputations can have on an individual or organization. As a result, the New York and Washington D.C.-based agency developed strategies that provide 100% control over online search results, by pushing down undesirable results. Clients from Fortune 500 CEOs to top sporting personalities have relied on IC Media Direct, while major marketing events and conferences such as LeadsCon, Affiliate Summit, and ad:tech welcome the agency each year to share their knowledge and insight. To see your Online Reputation Report, visit



IC Media Direct — Reputation Management — ICMediaDirect Leads the Market of Online Reputation:


ICMediaDirect — Reputation Management — Team at IC Media Direct Attends the Content Rising Summit in Boston:

IC Media Direct – Reputation Management – To Attend LeadsCon in Las Vegas

IC Media Direct – Reputation Management – To Attend LeadsCon in Las Vegas

IC Media Direct - Reputation Management - To Attend LeadsCon in Las Vegas

IC Media Direct – Reputation Management – To Attend LeadsCon in Las Vegas

NEW YORK, NY – Every year, major leaders in performance marketing within the online community travel to Las Vegas, NV, to attend LeadsCon. The latest conference, scheduled for March 15 – 17, 2016, will bring together more than 5,000 influencers and attendees to the Venetian Luxury Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Speakers will include businesses, potential customers, and marketing veterans. On behalf of the brand repair and reputation management industry, IC Media Direct will join other major companies at the event. See your Online Reputation Report now, by visiting

Since 2007, LeadsCon has showcased a conference that allows companies to meet and discuss topics to gain a new understanding of Vertical Media (those in a particular industry), online advertising, and Lead Generation. It attracts premier firms including Zillow, LexisNexis, Facebook, Google, and other companies specializing in the fields of advertising, social media, customer service, and sales. All elements of the diverse industry have overcome radical changes with the expansion of Internet, with clients and companies quickly losing control over what can be written about them online.

The 2016 LeadsCon summit aims to tackle issues that businesses face in the ever-changing marketplace. One example which the conference is discussing in-depth is the future of YouTube. Several panels will consider how video and other platforms are driving advertising growth and lead generation campaigns for specific businesses and the broader industry as a whole. In its 20-year history, IC Media Direct has been able to evolve and adapt to the various needs of consumers through Internet activity, allowing its high-quality services to benefit hundreds of clients. The firm’s perfected method of re-establishing a positive online presence for individuals has helped people build a status online that best matches their offline personas. In line with the conferences’ theme, representatives from the agency will be available to discuss online advertising and reputation repair, and explain how they can control branded search results.

Founded in 1996, IC Media Direct pre-dates Google and has evolved alongside industry trends, thereby offering the latest strategies and methods for managing online reputation of businesses and individuals. Their extensive knowledge of SEO and online reputation allows them to offer 100% control over search results on Google and comparable search engines. Based in New York and Washington DC, IC Media Direct delivers reliable progress-driven online reputation management services in today’s technology-driven society. Repeated attendee at industry conferences including LeadsCon, Affiliate Summit, Leadership Forum New York, and ad:tech, IC Media Direct is a proud supporter of several non-profit organizations, including the Jewish National Fund, the American Jewish World Service, and the AJC Global Jewish Advocacy. To see your Online Reputation Report, visit


IC Media Direct — Reputation Management — Attends SES Conference in Miami:

IC Media Direct — Reputation Management — Addresses Online Marketing Trends for 2016:


IC MediaDirect – Announces Attendance At LeadsCon New York

IC MediaDirect - Announces Attendance At LeadsCon New York

IC MediaDirect – Announces Attendance At LeadsCon New York

NEW YORK, NY – IC MediaDirect is announcing their attendance at LeadsCon New York, August 25-26, 2015, at the New York Hilton. LeadsCon New York is the place to be for all things digital marketing, including online lead generation, vertical media and direct response marketing, with thousands of attendees every year (source: A longtime sponsor of the annual conference, ICMD will once again use the opportunity to network with peers and potential customers and introduce its latest innovations in the field of online reputation managing.

Today, in a technology and media-centered world, an online presence can affect the success or failure of any person or business. IC MediaDirect’s tailor-made strategies aim at giving customers full control over their search engine rankings, allowing them to positively impact their online reputation. The professional marketing team has established itself as a leader in online public relations and content marketing and has become a benchmark against which other newly emerging companies in the field are measured.

IC MediaDirect attends numerous conferences throughout the year, from Shanghai and Sydney to San Francisco and New York. (Source: The digital marketing company has built itself up from its inception almost two decades ago, to its award-winning status today. Attendance at LeadsCon New York in 2015 shows that IC Media has a desire to be held accountable in their marketing, and to grow in their understanding of vertical media and marketing.

LeadsCon New York brings together 1700 visitors with one shared interest: online marketing. Attendees include businesses and professionals from around the country, and the conference provides an environment conducive to networking, as well as over 100 speakers, more than 30 sessions, and two keynote presentations. LeadsCon is the place to be for any person or business who cares to understand the changing market of online marketing and lead generation, and to improve their online presence.

Since 1996, IC MediaDirect has grown from a small marketing firm to an award-winning PR and marketing firm spanning 49 countries and 49 languages (source: Their team of PR experts consults with clients and works to put their best face forward by building reputations based on strategically distributed, high-quality content. Professional writers create newsworthy press releases, based on the individual wishes and requirements of each and every client. Releases are then published on major news sites, including Bloomberg, Reuters, Yahoo, and The Wall Street Journal, quickly pushing undesired Google search results down and giving the clients’ reputation a boost and opportunity to present themselves in the best light.

IC MediaDirect – Leads the Market in Google Brand Repair:

IC Media Direct – Attends LeadsCon 2015 Las Vegas

IC Media Direct Attends LeadsCon 2015 Las Vegas

IC Media Direct Attends LeadsCon 2015 Las Vegas

NEW YORK, NY – The annual LeadsCon trade show in Las Vegas has been a key gathering for representatives of vertical media, online lead generation, and direct response marketing for almost ten years, with attendance regularly surpassing 5,000. Past participants included prominent corporations such as Dell Inc., Geico, Home Depot, Bank of America, T-Mobile, and Zillow. This year’s event, March 3-4, 2015 at the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, benefitted from the attendance of one of the industry’s uncontested leaders: New York-based content marketing and reputation management firm, IC Media Direct.

As every year, LeadsCon showcased the most talented people and companies within the direct-response marketing and media industries. The workshops and presentations help those teams seeking accountability in their operational costs and a results-driven ROI, from per-click to per-inquiry and ultimately, conversion. LeadsCon assists professionals in defining and understanding the ever-evolving landscape of vertical media and advertising. As one of the country’s leaders in Content Marketing, IC Media Direct illuminated industry changes and the strategies involved in addressing today’s 21st century media consumption patterns. ICMD, with offices in New York City and Washington, DC, has embraced this social evolution and built its business model around the application of emerging media-specific paradigms. The company employs experts who excel at defining and enhancing a company’s or individual’s brand identity through the strategic use of creative content which is distributed and tailored to all available media channels.

IC Media Direct serves a global client roster from 49 different countries. Fortune-500 CEOs, politicians, bankers, athletes, and top motivational speakers employ ICMD’s media marketing expertise. The company was founded in 1996, two years before Google, making it a pioneer in the techniques of reputation management. ICMD has developed an effective strategy through 20 years of research that allows them 100% control of search results. With state-of-the-art algorithms and creative application of marketing techniques, undesirable search results are pushed down, with more positive, intentional links from reputable media sources taking their place. The company’s PR team works with outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Yahoo News, MSNBC, and other online news sources to achieve their clients’ goals.

IC Media Direct works to maintain its own visibility and recognition within the Marketing & PR Industry by annually sponsoring and attending high-profile marketing events and conferences including Affiliate Summit and New York City Fashion Week. Along with LeadsCon, ICMD attends key industry conventions like SES/ClickZ Live and ad:tech. The company has been recognized by the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC) for two years running as achieving outstanding success while practicing a high degree of ethical principles. Staffed by experienced professionals, ICMD can assist companies to define themselves in the public eye via an intelligent, intentional branding strategy.