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IC Media Direct – Reputation Management – ICMediaDirect Leads the Market of Online Reputation

IC Media Direct – Reputation Management – ICMediaDirect Leads the Market of Online Reputation

IC Media Direct, a New York City and Washington DC-based Public Relations and Reputation Management agency, provides specialized insight on the significance of online reputation for individuals and businesses. For more than 20 years, the reputation experts have been offering brand repair services to elite individuals and Fortune 500 companies and improving their online status. This year, IC Media Direct received the New York Excellence Award from the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC) for the third consecutive year, after demonstrating strong business ethics and corporate values.

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Companies that try to establish a strong Internet presence and build trust among its consumers often overlook the importance of reputation management. Local business directories make it easy for customers to review their personal experience with a brand, and corporations should remain aware of how their enterprise is observed by potential clientele. According to the professionals at IC Media Direct, “what people say about your company has become the most significant reflection of your reliability and services. In essence, you are what people find about you online.” It is important for companies to evaluate customer reviews and adequately address any negative feedback. 70 percent of buyers admit to being affected by online disapproval by others before making their own purchase, and any criticism might deter them from selecting the products or service offered by a specific company. There are many ways of handling negative reviews, and IC Media Direct outlines the best approach of responding quickly to rectify any issues offline. “Negative feedback shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it can help brands identify their weak points and improve the quality of their daily business operations,” says a spokesperson for IC Media Direct.

Brand repair should be an essential part of a business’ marketing strategy due to the significant impact of a negative online reputation and its direct effect on previous marketing efforts. When customers go online to learn more about a company or product, discovering bad reviews almost always drives them to a competitor. When no such information is available from real customer reviews, consumers often choose not to take any risk and do not complete transactions for potential sales.

Founded in 1996, IC Media Direct is the leading provider of online reputation and brand repair services. Being two years older than Google, IC Media Direct offers revolutionary reputation management strategies that help companies and individuals rank better on search engines and project a positive image through a mix of media channels. The company often offers its advice and services at marketing conferences, including ad:tech, Affiliate Summit, and LeadsCon, having released a groundbreaking handbook on Google brand repair last year.

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ICMediaDirect – Reputation Management – IC Media Direct Experts Explain How SEO Techniques Can Improve Online Reputation

ICMediaDirect – Reputation Management – IC Media Direct Experts Explain How SEO Techniques Can Improve Online Reputation

 ICMediaDirect, a leading reputation management agency, details how companies and individuals can use search engine optimization, or SEO, to improve their online reputation. As consumers tend to use internet search engines to gain information about products and services before making purchases, the agency is advising businesses to implement SEO to optimize their online presence. Tailored strategies will ensure that the top hits on Google and other search engines engage customers and present an uplifting presence that will improve a brand’s reputation.

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Fully utilizing dedicated social media accounts is a powerful way to effectively improve online reputation. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter rank well on Google; when potential customers search for a brand, service, or individual one of the top hits will likely be a focused social media account. Businesses can then push down irrelevant listings about their companies with a thoughtful and engaging social media presence, as well as provide a controlled outlet to increase interesting postings with excellent SEO. Another benefit of having a presence on these sites is being able to respond quickly to feedback, both positive and negative. Utilizing SEO within responses, social media platforms provide businesses a medium through which to efficiently respond to consumers, while also increasing their Google rankings. Companies gain from having relevant means to express the strengths of their brand and to address concerns voiced by customers. This is going to be especially important in 2016, as ICMediaDirect predicts more platforms will be indexed by Google so that individual posts will soon have the same value as standalone web pages.

Brands can create a captivating online presence by creating relevant, interesting, and shareable content. According to the firm, Google rewards brands that offer readers rich online posts. Strong content developed with expert SEO strategies has the power to go viral, reach a wide audience, and potentially draw in more customers and enhance a brand’s reputation. By releasing well-developed content, companies and individuals can foster a positive online reputation. ICMediaDirect stresses the importance of regularly putting out content and implementing the latest in search engine optimization in order to successfully improve online reputation.

Founded in 1996, ICMediaDirect is a recognized leader in the public relations industry. The agency has offices in New York and Washington DC, and serves clients in 49 countries with reputation management packages tailored to the specific needs of an individual or company. The company won the New York Excellence Award from the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC) for two years running, and brought out a well-received book on Google brand repair. ICMediaDirect is a regular sponsor and highly valued participant of industry conferences including Affiliate Summit, Leadscon, and ad:tech.

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IC Media Direct – Reputation Management – Study Shows 90% of People Respond To Online Reviews

IC Media Direct – Reputation Management – Study Shows 90% of People Respond To Online Reviews

A study released last year shows that 9 out of 10 people respond to internet reviews, with surveyed individuals suggesting they consider them as significant as a personal recommendation from a friend. Leading PR firm IC Media Direct recognizes the importance of reputation management and works with brands to capitalize on this data. The results of this study – formulated into an infographic by Invesp – show just how vital word of mouth is in the online sphere. The findings further state that customers will spend up to 31% more money on the services of businesses with “excellent” reviews, and 72% of responders will only make a purchase after seeing a positive review. See your Online Reputation Report now, by visiting

IC Media Direct - Reputation Management - Study Shows 90% of People Respond To Online Reviews

IC Media Direct – Reputation Management – Study Shows 90% of People Respond To Online Reviews

While the stats are applicable to all companies, they hone in on local businesses. A significant 92% state they would only use a company if it had, at least, a four-star rating on review sites. The stats are broken down further, with reliability (27%), expertise (21%) and professionalism (18%) being deemed the most vital characteristics for a local firm to be associated with. After analyzing this data and more, IC Media Direct confirms that building up a solid reputation online is just as important for a company as focusing on its offline standing in the local community.

Positive reviews can, of course, boost business, but the analysis proves that negative feedback can have a direct fiscal drain on companies. For example, 86% of potential customers said they would think twice about buying a product from a firm with bad online reviews. What’s more, an extra star on reviews creates a 5% to 9% average rise in revenue for a business, while just one negative review could result in a company losing approximately 30 customers. Receiving positive reviews online translates directly into sales.

IC Media Direct is a full-service internet reputation and content marketing agency with offices in New York City and Washington, DC. A top firm in the industry with over 20 years of experience, it has helped clients all over the world improve their brand’s potential with online reputation management. An awardee of the New York Excellence Award by the SBIEC for two consecutive years, IC Media Direct attends a variety of well-known marketing conferences and events throughout the year, including SES, Affiliate Summit, and LeadsCon, where it shares its expertise and techniques with businesses from all over the world. To see your Online Reputation Report, visit


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ICMediaDirect – Reveal Expert Google Reputation Management Tips

ICMediaDirect - Reveal Expert Google Reputation Management Tips

ICMediaDirect – Reveal Expert Google Reputation Management Tips

Online reputation management has become one of the key business requirements for any company seeking to build and protect its brand. Due to the evergrowing power of the Internet, a brand that has taken years to cultivate can be severely damaged by unfavorable postings within a matter of minutes. New York-based online reputation expert, ICMediaDirect, focuses on the art of online brand management, working with a client roster that includes international companies, leading athletes, business moguls, and high-ranking personalities from the entertainment industry.


The image of an individual or business is shaped by the information that people can find about them online, which is why the first step ICMediaDirect takes in order to manage a client’s reputation is to control the first page of search engine results. A skilled team of IT and marketing experts and a group of professional writers create positive and newsworthy content in the form of press releases and publish those articles on leading news sites, including the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo News, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Reuters, and other key media outlets, to guarantee the best possible coverage through world-respected publications.


In today’s media-driven society it is imperative for a business to communicate effectively and creatively in order to fully capitalize on its efforts and achievements. A company’s online reputation can make or break it, so it is crucial to have a long-term strategy for an optimized public relations plan. Clients come to ICMediaDirect for support on how to present themselves in the public eye via an intelligent branding strategy. The experienced team knows all the ins and outs of the modern media dynamics and offers valuable advice on how to present a business image through various media channels. PR executives work closely with their clients to develop a tailor-made strategy and branding message and boost their public online visibility.


Founded in 1996, two years before Google, ICMediaDirect has developed effective strategies backed by more than two decades of research and experience that allow 100% control over search results. Using sophisticated algorithms and the creative application of cutting-edge marketing techniques, clients’ undesirable search results can be replaced by positive, intentional links from reputable media sources, giving them the attention that they really deserve.


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ICMediaDirect – Content Marketing Strategy Boosts Your Google Reputation: Reviews – Google Brand Repair in Their Game-Changing Handbook Reviews – Google Brand Repair in Their Game-Changing Handbook Reviews - Google Brand Repair in Their Game-Changing Handbook Reviews – Google Brand Repair in Their Game-Changing Handbook

IC Media Direct, a full-service PR and marketing agency with offices in Washington, D.C. and New York City, has announced the publication of their second book, “Google Clean Up.” Offering in-depth information and explanations on how a brand’s online reputation affects its overall image, the book provides efficient solutions that appeal to a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large corporations.

In today’s modern era of information technology, understanding how Google works and implementing adequate strategies with respect to its ranking factors is critical to achieving company’s success. Google’s increasingly complex ranking algorithm makes it difficult for many brands to get on the first page of search results, especially when specific, non-Google-friendly techniques are utilized. “With a market share of 70.8 percent, more and more users are turning to Google when searching for information or relevant products and services,” an IC Media Direct advisor explains. “And consequently, the information they find directly impacts their decision-making.

Established as the leader in Google brand repair, IC Media Direct’s latest book, “Google Clean Up,” provides essential information on Google’s search engine, how it works, and how a brand’s online reputation is reflected within this context. The book outlines ICMD’s strategy to help companies reach the first page of search results by controlling these results and what is displayed to users. “Being two years older than Google, we were able to develop a strategy focused on providing 100% control of search results for an elite individual or a high-end brand,” states the company’s CEO in an announcement of the book launch.

IC MediaDirect’s comprehensive understanding of Google’s ranking algorithm and strategic partnerships have allowed for the creation of “Google Clean Up”. The efficiency of their strategy comes thanks to the multi-faceted content marketing approach, which entails writing valuable, newsworthy articles that are published to authoritative publications. This relevant and engaging content is then given a boost in search engine results. By displaying relevant information on respectable sources, a brand garners authority and credibility, improving its online reputation as well as increasing sales and revenue potential. The company’s “Google Clean Up” is currently available at the price of $97. The book can be ordered through the company’s website at

Founded in 1996, IC Media Direct is a pioneering PR and marketing agency reputable for its leading brand repair solutions. The company predates Google and boasts a thorough understanding of the ample effect online presence and search results have on brands’ reputations. Providing efficient solutions for brand visibility and online reputation repair, the award-winning content marketing agency works with clients including Fortune 500 Top CEOs, Olympic Gold Medalists, and notable celebrities.